Happy Views Day!

Today, I share two “behind the scenes” facts about myself. As an introvert who cringes with self-promoting, this is an added leap.

#10 from my Year of Courage list:

Dream House: 1 acre of country land to house a 600-700 sq. foot cottage/chapel style studio.  Loft will be used as my office and downstairs will be 1 bedroom, 3/4 bath and a two-sided fireplace between the living room and kitchen. I’ll have several outdoor sitting spaces with porch swings, hammock, gazebo, benches, rocking chairs and gliders.

Lot Of 18 Woman's World Magazine Back Issues Jan 7, 2019 - Aug 26,

The other reveal is…Woman’s World will publish a true story I wrote for their Last Laugh column. It’ll be on magazine sale racks October 7-12th.

Your feedback encourages me to keep writing.

Gratefully, Christina

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