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Simple Frivolity


This comes from Knee Deep, a future book in my FROG Blog book series. I wrote the following letter to God, Creator, Higher Power, Jesus (and all other names we use to define, attribute and respect our Universe’s Maker).

As part of my Zowie project (explained in March 3rd, 13th, 20th posts on the FROG Blog) I courageously publish this chat with my Creator from last night’s walk to a nearby pond)

green frog on lily pad
Photo by Pixabay on

Creator,  Thank you for a spring filled with chipmunks! I don’t recall a year when I’ve seen so many of your curious stripers. They remind me of mini sea otters as I watch their frivolous exploration. I sit by the pond tonight and watch one little guy hop, almost with a mischievous grin. It looked like he was sneaking up on a turtle or goose on the bank.

I see rabbits, birds of several species, butterflies, squirrels and of course chipmunks living in fairly close proximity. Respecting, observing, interacting, and playing with each other. Simply doing what they were created to be: a chipmunk, a turtle. A catfish, a crane. No agenda, no competition beyond the circle of life, no bickering. No verbal communication beyond what they consider necessary to survive or create.

Thank you for their example of free-spirited character. You’ve created these animals to learn from and enjoy. Thank you for the gift of vision so I can learn through visual observation.

Love, Your Curious Daughter,

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