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I’m preparing for next week’s solo, silent, writing retreat. I’m investing that time to practice my word for this year. Decipher.

In my “new lease on life” vision, I’ve chosen to ask myself, “What is my motive?”

This motivational reflection includes all facets of my life. Money and time; relationships and community outreach; writing projects and life coaching opportunities. What is my genuine desire behind every yes or no?

In visualizing the Survivor Island show, I have voted once-important priorities and some contestants off my Emerald Isle. I’ve shifted my survivor mentality into a greener outlook.

In Emily P. Freeman’s podcast, “The Next Right Thing” she teaches about how often abundant possibilities lead to decision fatigue. Her insight helped me question if I’m being mindful or simply mind full?

When I face multiple choices, I’ve incorporated the practice of deciphering by allowing two or three options. Unless it’s a life-threatening decision, I encourage myself to choose quickly. (I can easily practice deciphering at any American store where aisles are exclusively dedicated to breakfast cereals and hair products).

I’ve asked for Spirit to grant me wisdom to decipher between go, no, slow or whoa. Go and no are self-explanatory. My challenge is in those slow and whoa answers.

To me, slow means, “yes, but proceed with methodical caution.” Whoa speaks to my inner mustang when I try to outrun my reins. The deciphering spirit graciously lassoes me back into the rodeo circle.

As I pack for my retreat I’m traveling light, staying at a primitive cottage that has limited options but ample comfort. I anticipate that I’ll survive and multiply through simplicity. One decision, two options, a trinity of abundance.

Deciphering from a FROG’s lily pad on freedom island,


“There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end, it leads to death” (Prov. 14:12 NIV)

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