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Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established (Prov. 16:3).

When I accepted my call to write for an Audience of One, I immersed myself in oceans of topics. I couldn’t swim fast enough to catch all inspirational waves. Ideas flowed, creativity flooded, and I wrote copious amounts of work.

Writing fulfills many of my inner cravings. I script joy, pain, frustration, organizational plans, and reflection. I connect with fellow authors to brainstorm and consider future project partnerships.

After committing to full time publishing and tutoring aspiring writers, I learned marketing ropes. I got offers to coach new authors. I received writing jobs. My life coaching business increased.

Prior to writing and publishing full time, I’d take myself on weekly half-day field trips. I’d go to a café and write. Sometimes I’d include a nature walk after a lengthy lunch. Sometimes I’d stop by a bookstore or library.

Fast forward three years. I’m waiting for my next book, Knee Deep, to hit the shelves. I notice currents are changing around my FROG’s lily pad. The water seems to flow more rapidly. Additional streams have poured into what used to be a peaceful literary ocean. 

There’s a salty bite to the water that once nourished me. I’m living somewhat of an oxymoron—fast pace, slow erosion. Writing that once refreshed me ushers a restless tension I hadn’t encountered when I was in my creative writing zone.

It’s time to swim to Shore, to catch my breath. I leaped into my literary calling by faith and have allowed the world’s sharks and plankton to entangle me.

I jumped as a small pond FROG into a publishing ocean. I’ve found my best treasures while writing in lazy river settings and slow-moving streams. It’s time to reconnect with my Lifeguard and paddle through a no wake zone.

Moving gently,


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