Several readers asked for my list of weekly posts so far in this Year of Courage. This is the halfway through the year Facts of Courage. Anticipating your input, Christina

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First dog: a black Pekingese/Poodle mix named Boomer.

My 5-year-old answer to, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” A kindergarten teacher (that was before I started babysitting at 11 years old).

Favorite color combination: Lime green and royal purple or mint green and lilac.

Favorite veggies: Celery topped with peanut butter; green beans and fresh mushrooms sprinkled with dill; chopped broccoli drizzled with olive oil; red peppers with spicy hummus.

Musical Instruments learned: Accordion, piano, recorder.

Favorite book genre: Fiction: historical stories about Amish life Nonfiction: biographies, especially authors and wise sages.

Favorite comedians: Danny Bhoy and Sebastian

First Concerts: Statler Brothers, Lawrence Welk, Hall and Oates (all in 5th-6th grade).

Best Childhood Trip: South Dakota where I fell in love with prairie dogs.

Best Adult Trip: Alaska cruise with my Daddy and one stop was Butchart Gardens, Victoria, Canada. The Butchart Gardens – Over 100 Years in Bloom – Victoria, Canada. That’s my heaven on earth!

Favorite Chore: Vacuuming

Dream House: 1 acre of country land to house a 600-700 sq. foot chapel house/studio.  Choir loft will be used as my office. I’ll have several outdoor sitting spaces with porch swings, hammock, gazebo, benches, rocking chairs and gliders.

First job after babysitting: Pizza Hut, hired as a cook when I had just turned 15.

Core values: To encourage beginners, the underappreciated. To support organizations doing good. To be trusted with intense confidentiality.

Least favorite task: Clothes shopping (I love grocery shopping early in the morning)

Favorite book genre: Fiction: historical stories with characters who represent honor; Nonfiction: biographies.

All I want for Christmas 2021 Wal-Mart or Dollar Tree gift cards. (Seriously, for real)

Funniest adult moment that I can share: Fell asleep at a professional sports game. We were right behind the band and mascots. I woke up to see myself caught mid-slumber on the jumbotron.

Favorite way to use money: To travel and/or give experiential gifts & outings. Donate anonymously to organizations and people I believe in…like Tinker Bell with a pocketbook 😉.

Best year of school: Sophomore in high school. I got to take typing, journalism, psychology classes and made show choir.

Unusual jobs: Managing a Chinese restaurant; Server at a Mexican Restaurant. As a blue-eyed, blonde-haired lady, I was a stand-out employee 😉

Biggest change for 2022: Have a producer create 3-minute clips on a You Tube channel (extremely bold act because I’m not a fan of video and need much technological assistance!)

Second biggest business change for 2022: Move from my home office into a 600-700 ft. structure that resembles a small chapel with a loft. Current financial terms delay this business expansion. I know the “what.” Now I wait for the “how” and “how soon.”

Third biggest business change for 2022: After 3 ½ years and 6 published books, it’s time to accept speaking engagements. Instead of teaching to large groups as I had done before 2018, I’ll make myself available to 12-40 person audiences. Priority goes to soul care venues: spirituality centers, holistic hubs, monasteries, retreat homes, and country settings. I’ll also accept new life & new author coaching clients. A new lease on life!

First car: Mercury Topaz that only functioned in 3 gears.

College degree: Wanted journalism/communications. Graduated with Business Administration-Personnel degree. (As an author, speaker, retreat leader and life coach, guess which degree would have been better suited for my real lifework? I got a doctorate in life experience! 😉)

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