Happy Views Day!

Last week I posted the first 26 Facts of Courage. I’ll continue to feature a weekly tidbit about myself this year (until August 2022).

Readers responded to last week’s collective list by telling me what fact of courage surprised them most. A few readers shared their own acts of bravery. Thank you for your responses!

Today begins the second half of my Year of Courage:

Favorite game: Scrabble.

Least favorite game: Mini golf

Learning as I grow, Christina

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  1. It’s ironic that you posted your least favorite game is mini golf. Brent and I played it last night (I won by 2). We love it (but “you do do” as they say now…LOL)

    1. My strong suit is not hand-eye coordination with ball related activities (unless it’s a ball related to dancing).
      Glad you and your husband enjoy this pastime! I’ll follow up with my high score 😉
      Thank you for your response! Christina

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