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I eat hardboiled egg whites and broccoli for breakfast. This morning while waiting for the egg water to boil, I found myself quickly constructing my schedule. (Mentally exercising on an empty stomach leads me to stress fractures)!

Before the kettle had even warmed, I mentally completed today’s writing project, sent it to the editor and bypassed other vital processes such as writing the headline, first draft, editing, and rewriting. The egg water hadn’t even boiled before I realized that, in my mind, I had barged through today as I expect it to evolve. What if I disregarded all time, space, and interactions this way?

As children, we used to play Backwards Day. We’d wear our pajamas inside-out, eat breakfast for dinner, use our less dominant hand to draw or throw a ball. These temporary silly days showed me how increased effort and awareness were required when I adjusted my usual routine.

Each day is different with God. He respects the shape in which He designed His universe. What would our world look like if carnations grew underground? What if elephants had babies as often as rabbits?

Jesus understood that our human behavior wants to get a sneak peek at the future. He instructed us to stay on task when He said, “Give us this day, our daily bread.” I am to trust that He will provide patience, time, people, or whatever else I need for that day.

As I prepare for breakfast on the lily pad, I respect the steps leading to the meal. Brew coffee, put eggs and broccoli on plate, thank God for farmers and food, eat, enjoy each breath of every minute crafted into this day.

Routinely practicing mindfulness “on earth as it is in heaven,”


Give us today our daily bread (Matthew 6:11).

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