“That’ll separate the men from the boys.” In demanding situations, I often hear that challenge statement.  Compared to boys, men are generally stronger, smarter, more courageous.

I base a person’s strength on their ability to make sound decisions in chaotic circumstances. I consider a resourceful person to be resilient during, and after, unexpected twists. A mature person applies truth and kindness wherever they are, no matter who is around them.

In Exodus 11:7, God differentiates the men from the boys. In Exodus, Egyptians are regarded as boys. Israelites are deemed men. The Israelites have a history of following One Leader while the Egyptians remain in their proverbial sandbox throwing rocks.

God chose a silent dog to represent the Israelites as His people. He said there’d be the worst wailing throughout Egypt, yet no dogs would bark at any person or animal. (I wish I remained as calm as a silent dog when I encounter turmoil).

God used canine response to quietly prepare the Israelites for manhood. While the Egyptian boys are wailing, the Israelite men listen for God’s silent dog whistle to reassure and guide them.

Similarly, in pack behavior, when animals follow their leader, they remain protected. The Israelites survived because they joined forces to depend on God. They became the big dogs. The Egyptians refused the meat God offered His pack, leaving them scrounging for bones. When we fill ourselves with God’s word and follow His lead, we enjoy silent peace when the wolves howl at our door.  

Jesus, I want You to consider me mature, or in the process toward maturity.  I want to be chosen for Your pack. Unleash me from earth’s dogs who bark lies and throw dirt at others. Let me run free in Your protected mission fields.

Aware of your silent signals,


“But among the Israelites not a dog will bark at any person or animal. Then you will know the Lord makes a distinction between Egypt and Israel” (Ex. 11:7 NIV).

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