I am drawn to acronyms. I appreciate businesses using acronyms to creatively advertise ways to remember their business. In school, I retained data best when teachers attached an acronym to help students recall facts. There has been an increase of acronyms and sometimes the same base name is attached with different words for each letter.

For example, DOT refers to the Department of Transportation and the Description of Occupational Titles. One DOT will lead toward a vehicle related path, the other DOT will connect to a listing of every job from clowning to CFO (Chief Financial Officer or perhaps Chief Fire Officer).

I have not retained every acronym in my 50 revolutions around the sun, but EGBDF and ROYGBIV are burned in my memory. Every Good Boy Does Fine (EGBDF) jogged my memory for treble clef lines when I played piano. ROYGBIV provided a colorful way to remember a rainbow’s order of colors to be Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. If there was no “I” in ROYGBIV, I would not have discovered that indigo was the color between blue and violet.

To collect another acronym for my mental files, I added a PAT answer. I have significant decisions on the table of the lily pad. These decisions present “opportunities to practice temperance,” AKA personal invitation toward anxiety. While I arranged and rearranged options, I initially wished I had only one solution instead of decision-making overload. I gained resolution in pat answer form. Pray And Trust (PAT).

Ironically, someone who is aware of my pending decisions advised me to simply trust the process. Her name? Of course! Pat. When Miss Pat first imparted her wisdom, I frequently used her mantra to trust the process. Trusting the process is simple to hear, an easy phrase to understand, and a tougher virtue to practice. Without choices, I wouldn’t have decisions. I’m grateful for options. While I trust the process to gain clarity, I seek and wait for His PAT answer.

Praying And Trusting in the Fully Rely On God (FROG) blog, Christina

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