Sometimes I am one stone’s throw away from a game changer. There’re times when I teeter between one pivotal breakthrough and one misguided decision.

Ruth has become a biblical mentor to me. She’s considered meager by the world’s standards. Widowed, childless, no professional resume. She’s the household provider and caregiver for her widowed mother-in-law Naomi. I have little in common with Ruth’s circumstances, but I relate to her weakness and waiting.

I’ve had months where I don’t see much positive or negative difference. I allow hopelessness to suffocate my spirit. When I stop expecting change, I disqualify myself from transformation.

Ruth’s story encourages me to persevere. She is a traveling immigrant in the daily grind of caring for her weary mother-in-law. Ruth is concerned for their most basic needs. Until. Until. Ruth stepped into a new playing field.

Ruth “happened to” travel onto the property of Boaz, a rich landowner.

She asked permission to gather grain droppings after the harvesters picked the cream of the crop. Ruth was satisfied with the leftovers. She remained diligent and grateful for the work.

Ruth continued to put one weary sandal in front of the other and eventually Boaz caught wind of her story. He wasn’t going to allow her to settle for scraps, so he instructed his workers to leave plenty of grain for Ruth to gather. 

Coincidence became significance. Boaz created a ripple of generosity. Ruth shared his provision with Naomi. Naomi requested a lavish blessing for Boaz. Boaz eventually became Ruth’s husband and provider for their family. That family included Naomi.  

You are part of Ruth’s story today. You may relate to Naomi. You could be someone’s Boaz. You may be one of the laborers. You might be Ruth, waiting for a break that’s only a stone’s throw away.

Whatever parts of this illustration represent your story, you understand the struggle to remain steadfast. Courage. Resilience. Battle fatigue. Integrity. Until. Until when?  Until then. Your field of dreams may be just a stone’s throw away.

I encourage you to read the four short chapters in Ruth from The Message version. It reads like a modern-life story.

We have choices and circumstances that can suddenly change our future. Ruth’s beginning finished with an unexpected punch line. Ruth and Boaz had a son Obed. Obed was Jesse’s father. Jesse became the father of David, known as a man after God’s heart.  King David. 

Before David became king, he began his reign as a young, scrawny sheep farmer. By world’s standards, he was overlooked until. Until he killed Goliath with one slingshot. One rock.

David was a mere stone’s throw from becoming the next giant. David’s rocket launcher was aimed at just the right time. Targeted in just the right place on Goliath’s head. One battle and David’s trajectory suddenly changed. From shepherd to king.

Readers! Your turn.

Which character from the book of Ruth do you relate to most?

What have you discovered during your waiting periods?

How have you grown from setbacks?

Share your comments so we can encourage and learn from one another!

Walking toward that one stone’s throw away from new beginnings,


“It so happened that Naomi had a relative by marriage. A man prominent, rich, connected with Elimelech’s family. His name was Boaz” (Ruth 2:1 MSG).

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