My favorite warm weather activity is to sit on my back deck with a cup of coffee before the sun rises. I consider 5:30-7 A.M. the most heavenly time of my day. I breathe deeply, settle myself, and invite a quiet spirit to surface. Sometimes not all that surfaces is peaceful, yet that morning hush releases what needs to come forth so I can address it and approach life the best I can for that day.

This morning, I observed some yard projects that need to be embarked upon. I noticed a deck board that needs to be replaced, which led me to realize the entire deck could use a coat of stain.

Winter left some tree limbs dead. Bushes need to be rounded and I should look for my natural weed killer recipe to get ahead of the driveway weeds. Just as I mentally added window washing to my outdoor task list, a bird in a nearby tree began its’ morning hymn.

His song served as a wake-up call that made me realize how my thoughts suddenly blossomed into a compost pile. That gentleness I originally brought to the day had quickly withered. I paused to watch the little bird fly from branch to fence. He flew off the fence and landed to check out what ground treasures he may find.

I smiled and wondered what a bird would think if he had human reasoning and thoughts. What would his daily task list include? What would make him content? Would he adopt the pressure we place on ourselves and others? I recognize our Creator designed birds and humans differently, so I know there isn’t an answer for how critters approach life.

After some quiet reflection on the deck, my chore list remained, but I approached it with more of a birds’ eye view. Perhaps I’ll allow extra growth on the trees and bushes, so the birds and other animals have more foliage to nest and shelter themselves. Plus, a few weeds will not keep me out of heaven.  

For now, I have some responsibilities to tend in my proverbial garden, but I soar with a broader scope of which seeds to plant and which ones to trim.

Under my Creator’s wing,


Reader! Your turn.

What time of day do you do your best thinking?

How do you get on a more positive path when you realize your thoughts aren’t bringing kindness to yourself or others?

Please share your input so we can learn from each other.

Consider the ravens, for they neither sow nor reap, which have neither storehouse nor barn; and God feeds them. Of how much more value are you than the birds?  (Luke 12:24).  

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