I announce my 2021 Word of the Year! ABUNDANCE.

Last year, I chose DECIPHER to practice inner growth. The decipher premise stemmed from a need to check motive: my use of time, personal connections, spending and saving money, energy output etc. What motive manifested my habits?

This year’s word is ABUNDANCE. I’m challenging myself to become more open to giving and receiving abundance. To offer abundant forgiveness, abundant gentleness, abundant kindness. Giving comes naturally to me.

However, receiving has always been extraordinarily difficult. I have sometimes been teased or labeled as somewhat of a simpleton. I become giddy over what some people consider ordinary (a voice mail, a handwritten note, a food-for-thought question, a spirit-led conversation).  When I receive gifts, I feel indebted.

I embrace minimalism. Fortunately, not living simplicity out of a need, but from wanting to show up for life with less “stuff.” Thankfully, my close circle respects this guideline by giving consumable or usable gifts: anything to keep me warm (wool-blend socks, fleece, thick sweaters, flannel pj’s). I appreciate candles, outings, trips, fun print stationery, colorful envelopes, and stamps. Basically, gifts that don’t require shelves, dusting, hanging or hanging.

I’m heading into this day, this year eagerly offering and learning to receive abundance. I anticipate lessons and blessin’s on the lily pad of life.

Readers! Your turn. Have you chosen a word for the year? How will you practice your word?

With abundance,


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