Change is perpetual motion. At every moment, in all parts of the universe, transitions occur. Some shifts are dramatic, other evolutions are subtle.

I’ve been harvesting a bounty of professional changes since July. Without listing a bumper crop of examples, I’ll summarize. Various fields where I’ve planted seed have been fruitful. I’ve also stumbled across bad apples in my orchards (i.e. daily mission fields).

Prior to this onslaught of adjustments, I did not consider myself naturally resilient. People define me as reliable, trusting me to start and complete what I say I’ll do. The ‘other side’ of those characteristics can ground me to a routine or relationship even if it no longer meshes with other dynamics.

As trees prepare to turn color, I appreciate their inborn respect to alter their composition. They don’t resist nature’s process or create back-up plans to avoid or delay the autumn season. The leaves move with life’s flow and adjust to their present conditions. Ironically, I’m eager to drive numerous miles to watch leaves transform but sometimes want to run like the wind when agenda deviations cross my lane of traffic.

I’ve been in an extended stretch of frequent modifications. Instead of shriveling up like a fallen leaf searching for cover, I’m adapting to celebrate new colors. I’m reaping fresh energy across this latest yield.

Leaping from a camouflaged lily pad into vibrantly cultivated fields, Christina

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