This week, I’ve heard and read multiple quotes that have impacted me greatly. Typically, my writing starts from everyday occurrences, and I’ll add a twist of something positive, inspirational, encouraging, and sometimes entertaining for my FROG Blogs, books, and podcast.  

Today, I’m simply going to list these quips and invite you to apply them to what you need for today’s adventures. I know the importance of citing material, but in these following quotes, I was more concerned to write the quote as soon as I heard or read it, so I’d remember. To whoever spoke these words, thank you.

“Acceptance leads human beings to flourish. Judgment causes us to wither. Judgement excludes potential.”

“When someone or something dies or diminishes, we grieve. We mourn our past with that someone or something. We mourn the stolen future.”

“Just because God allows something or someone into your life doesn’t mean He approves it.”

“A flower shrivels in poor soil. It doesn’t apologize because it requires water, sun, and fertilizer to grow. It knows its need and expects the earth to provide it.”

“Sometimes in order to resolve something we need to dissolve it first.”

“Knowledge may be power, but wisdom is even more powerful.”

“Allow your future to pull you forward. Release the past so you aren’t pulled down or held back.”

Reader! Your turn.

What is one sentence that captured your attention this week?

How does it apply to where you’re at on your life path?

Share your input so we can grow stronger!



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