Five words that changed my direction. “When you go through deep.” This comes from Isaiah 43:2, “When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.”

When. Not if. Not, in case this happens… When.

You. Whoever reads Isaiah’s promise from God. You are me. You are we.

Go. Motion. Heading into. Go is God’s urge to continue. He cheers us forward.

Through. Don’t stop there. Keep advancing. Move with purpose. Seek direction.

Deep. Soul strength increases from soaking in water that engulfs the body. Death often results from shallow water dives.

Bodies of water can include grief, joy, deep hurt, deep revelation Waves from God’s boundless waters. When we go through deep waters, God reminds us, “I will be with you.” He will be with us. Not He might or if He has time. He will be with you. He’ll be with me.

I may not see Him, I may not feel His presence, but He is my Lifeguard. He waits vigilantly. He is on His Lifeguard Throne, ready to keep me from drowning.

Lord, thank You for Your messages to prepare and repair me through life’s currents. Remind me to thank You with waves of joy. Guide me to seek You through waves of disappointment.

Rolling with God’s tide,


“When you go through deep waters, I will be with you” (Is. 43:2).


Happy Views Day!

Another installment of my Year of Courageous Acts (exposure to something you may or may not know about me…)

Animal I’d like to have domesticated: Woodchucks/groundhogs

Starting a new month, marching courageously,



I’ve notified readers about our Children Helping Children outreach via my Facebook page.

Today I invite my blogging community to jump on board.

All proceeds from my latest book, teamed with pre-teen and teenage authors, will be donated to St. Jude’s hospital.

You may order Tadpoles: Tiny Tales from Freshwater Adventures at online bookstores. If you’d rather contribute a monetary gift, you may send your gift directly to St. Jude’s. You can choose to do so online, via mail or by phone. When you make your donation, please indicate the fundraiser established under Tadpoles: Tiny Tales from Freshwater Adventures.

Thank you to however you choose to share your Valentine’s Spirit to these children fighting for their lives. We celebrate health and want all children to experience that healthy celebration!

In love and health, Christina and Tadpoles Team

#28 from Project Courage

Happy Views Day!

Last week I posted the first 26 Facts of Courage. I’ll continue to feature a weekly tidbit about myself this year (until August 2022).

Readers responded to last week’s collective list by telling me what fact of courage surprised them most. A few readers shared their own acts of bravery. Thank you for your responses!

Today begins the second half of my Year of Courage:

Favorite game: Scrabble.

Least favorite game: Mini golf

Learning as I grow, Christina

ESUBA. Reverse the Abuse

Spoiler alert. Karma.

Life offers surprises. Sometimes surprises are delivered through disappointments, sometimes they’re packaged in smiles.

I’ve learned how interactions lead to growth in some way. One interaction came from a reader who offered a stream of generous advice. He believed his online feedback would “develop my writing” (ahem). His feedback felt like a back bite. I was challenged to become defensive or dynamic.

Initially, I wanted to review his published works. I wanted to reciprocate (read: retaliate) my expertise with his unsolicited gesture so he could polish his literary craft. Interrupt. ESUBA.

Esuba. Abuse spelled backwards. I needed to bite my tongue. To save face, I remembered, hurting people hurt people. What had this reader experienced before he breathed metamorphic fire on me? This is simpler to write in hindsight.

1 Peter 3:9 says, “Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult.” The verse doesn’t add, “unless Mr. Online Reviewer writes…” Scripture continues, “Repay evil with blessing, because to this you were called…” Ugh. That instruction applies to me.

I waited two days to respond to my voluntary consultant. I handwrote a short note thanking him for his time to write a generous list of what he considered growth opportunities. I offered to be a first reader for his future publications.

This interaction was initially a spoiler alert for me, but the plot twist came when he called to thank me. He reviewed his original email and acknowledged that he skimmed my story before lunch. Mr. Reviewer interpreted my tone differently than I intended. He explained that when he read my note, he saw a person underneath my handwritten words.

Esuba. Reverse the abuse. We used this surprise exchange as opportunity to bless each other in an unforeseen way.  

Reviewing my motives with an online look,


“Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult. On the contrary, repay evil with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing” (1 Peter 3:9).

26 Facts of Courage


Several readers asked for my list of weekly posts so far in this Year of Courage. This is the halfway through the year Facts of Courage. Anticipating your input, Christina

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First dog: a black Pekingese/Poodle mix named Boomer.

My 5-year-old answer to, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” A kindergarten teacher (that was before I started babysitting at 11 years old).

Favorite color combination: Lime green and royal purple or mint green and lilac.

Favorite veggies: Celery topped with peanut butter; green beans and fresh mushrooms sprinkled with dill; chopped broccoli drizzled with olive oil; red peppers with spicy hummus.

Musical Instruments learned: Accordion, piano, recorder.

Favorite book genre: Fiction: historical stories about Amish life Nonfiction: biographies, especially authors and wise sages.

Favorite comedians: Danny Bhoy and Sebastian

First Concerts: Statler Brothers, Lawrence Welk, Hall and Oates (all in 5th-6th grade).

Best Childhood Trip: South Dakota where I fell in love with prairie dogs.

Best Adult Trip: Alaska cruise with my Daddy and one stop was Butchart Gardens, Victoria, Canada. The Butchart Gardens – Over 100 Years in Bloom – Victoria, Canada. That’s my heaven on earth!

Favorite Chore: Vacuuming

Dream House: 1 acre of country land to house a 600-700 sq. foot chapel house/studio.  Choir loft will be used as my office. I’ll have several outdoor sitting spaces with porch swings, hammock, gazebo, benches, rocking chairs and gliders.

First job after babysitting: Pizza Hut, hired as a cook when I had just turned 15.

Core values: To encourage beginners, the underappreciated. To support organizations doing good. To be trusted with intense confidentiality.

Least favorite task: Clothes shopping (I love grocery shopping early in the morning)

Favorite book genre: Fiction: historical stories with characters who represent honor; Nonfiction: biographies.

All I want for Christmas 2021 Wal-Mart or Dollar Tree gift cards. (Seriously, for real)

Funniest adult moment that I can share: Fell asleep at a professional sports game. We were right behind the band and mascots. I woke up to see myself caught mid-slumber on the jumbotron.

Favorite way to use money: To travel and/or give experiential gifts & outings. Donate anonymously to organizations and people I believe in…like Tinker Bell with a pocketbook 😉.

Best year of school: Sophomore in high school. I got to take typing, journalism, psychology classes and made show choir.

Unusual jobs: Managing a Chinese restaurant; Server at a Mexican Restaurant. As a blue-eyed, blonde-haired lady, I was a stand-out employee 😉

Biggest change for 2022: Have a producer create 3-minute clips on a You Tube channel (extremely bold act because I’m not a fan of video and need much technological assistance!)

Second biggest business change for 2022: Move from my home office into a 600-700 ft. structure that resembles a small chapel with a loft. Current financial terms delay this business expansion. I know the “what.” Now I wait for the “how” and “how soon.”

Third biggest business change for 2022: After 3 ½ years and 6 published books, it’s time to accept speaking engagements. Instead of teaching to large groups as I had done before 2018, I’ll make myself available to 12-40 person audiences. Priority goes to soul care venues: spirituality centers, holistic hubs, monasteries, retreat homes, and country settings. I’ll also accept new life & new author coaching clients. A new lease on life!

First car: Mercury Topaz that only functioned in 3 gears.

College degree: Wanted journalism/communications. Graduated with Business Administration-Personnel degree. (As an author, speaker, retreat leader and life coach, guess which degree would have been better suited for my real lifework? I got a doctorate in life experience! 😉)


Happy Views Day!

Here is #27 in my Year of Courageous Acts.

Each week, I share something you may not know about me. If you want to follow my Year of Courage project, you can view Tuesday posts beginning last August.

Experience that made me the coolest middle schooler: Dad took all of us kids to a Quiet Riot concert when I was in 6th grade.

From the front row,



Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? In this tale, Snow White’s mom dies, and her father marries a wickedly jealous woman. The new queen envies Snow White’s beauty and desires to be considered the most beautiful. The stepmom goes to the mirror daily to ask, “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” The mirror responds, “Snow White.”

In her rage, the queen devises a plan to poison Snow White, so she becomes the apple of her kingdom’s eye. Her scheme bites her when seven dwarfs chase the queen to death over a cliff.

In my natural light, I sometimes mirror the queen’s surface level desires. Compared to God, I’m unable to be nominated for “The Fairest of Them All Award. Only God receives that honor. He presents a consolation prize for His beauty makeover, treating character flaws.

When I imagine how God sees me as He looks from His kingdom, I visualize His answer, “I created you beautiful.” He gazes into my soul to graciously polish my human imperfections, according to His vision.

Amos 4:8-9 wrote about worldly concerns that looked like deadly cliff jumping. God had prosperous plans for the city of Bethel and Gilgal, but people chose to worship idols. They indulged in luxuries at the expense of the poor.

God warned the people to clear their worship blemishes and idol wrinkles. They ignored the Fairest of them all, so He dried up water sources, sent locusts and deathly plagues to destroy their fields.

God crafted us to love and serve Him and His creation. We enhance His royal splendor and can be considered one of the fairest for eternity when we look at others through God’s mirror.

Let my love not dwarf,


So two or three cities wandered…to drink water, But they were not satisfied; Yet you have not returned to Me…When your gardens increased, Your vineyards, Your fig trees, And your olive trees, the locust devoured them; Yet you have not returned to Me,” says the Lord (Amos 4:8-9).


Happy Views Day!

This week’s Act of Courage post reveals hindsight that invited insight and later foresight.

Stepping bravely to share something you may not know about me…

College degree: Wanted to major in journalism/communications. Graduated with Business Administration-Personnel degree because it made sense to the world. I spent 30 years with jobs that fit my major but minored my heart.

Now, as an author, guest speaker and life coach, guess which degree would have been better suited for my original calling? (I gained a doctorate in life experience 😉)!

Leaping forward,



Happy Views Day!

My weekly installment of Project Courage follows this short outreach invitation…

On behalf of the team of 11-17-year-old authors who courageously wrote what they’ve learned about life, relationships and how the world works, we started a fundraiser for St. Jude’s.

We’ll donate all proceeds from Tadpoles: Tiny Tales from Freshwater Adventures book sales in February to St. Jude’s. We call it Children Helping Children and celebrate the month of love through this outreach.

Details are on my Facebook page at Christina M. Eder-Author. Thank you for supporting us in our acts of courage!

Behind the scenes of my heart:

First car: 80’s Mercury Topaz, dark blue with a driver’s side dent. Only 3 gears functioned.

Step with courage, Christina