“Who are your competitors?” This was a question from my business’s new web designer. I was unsure how to answer his question. I’ve discovered how writing, life coaching, and speaking arenas can be highly competitive. I’ve also encountered rich loyalty for other’s lifework.

Sometimes, I feel unqualified, unnoticed, or underestimated. However, this diminished sense of significance threatens my awareness of who and what does foster my development.  I frequently seek assistance and have slowly learned that guidance comes when I need it most (and sometimes not a millisecond sooner)!

Ezra 4 showcased a similar experience when Joshua’s family rebuilt the Lord’s temple. Judah’s enemies knew about God, in theory, but sought Him in superstitious ways. They claimed they sacrificed to God and wanted to resurrect the temple. They were driven by a competitive spirit. Joshua, though, knew their underlying motive and refused their offer to rebuild the temple.

I’ve become more intentional about laying the groundwork to leave value after I die. On earth, I’m part of a collaborative crew who write and speak character significance. I believe we strive to live with a mission of excellence. We recognize we’re never perfect but if we’re intentional about leaving a positive trail, we’ll continually improve.

I used much of this blog to complete the web designer’s questionnaire. “Who are your competitors?” I have a choice to be part of a production company or a demolition crew.

Lord, thank You for hiring me to be part of Your construction team. Guide our world to treat each other as collaborators rather than competitors. Let us build eternally lasting structures.

From the beams of a lily pad,


Readers! What do you do to collaborate with other people and projects? What advice would you offer to teach a sense of collaboration?

Then the peoples around them set out to discourage the people of Judah and make them afraid to go on building (Ez. 4:4).

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