Thunderstorms visited our town last night. I woke to a break in the storm and went for my morning walk. One side of the sky was dark with pregnant clouds preparing for rain. One side winked a potential sunrise. One sky, one world, more than one vantage point, depending on which way I looked.

Originally, I considered writing this piece about outlooks around life. I planned to spin some humor by asking, “How does an Optimist Club respond when a pessimist shows up at their meeting?”

Instead, I’ll share what I recently learned about personal light and dark slants.  

We live in a creation crafted through multiple works. Abundant colors, countless species, and millions of choices, and decisions wrap our world. It’s difficult to accept that I live in two worlds. One life passing, one Eternal life. It’s natural to experience assorted feelings, sometimes a surge of

I believe in goodness and evil. I see examples of love and cruelty in our world’s rotation. With each revolution, I hope to gain revelation. I ask, “What am I to discover?” “How can someone’s response help me positively grow?” “What can I learn in solitude?” “What does creation interaction teach me?”

When I’m curious without controlling, I have a carefree spirit. I lose peace when I act as if I’m the one to dictate every outcome. Or I’m the one responsible for all events. If I stop long enough to acknowledge the source of my agitation, I’m less irritable.

I’ve grown accustomed to quick results, despite my yearning to approach life with gentle compassion. I think of how we live in an era of channel surfing. Before fast-forward options, we watched commercials as part of the TV experience.

Commercials were sometimes an annoying interruption, yet I waited for the show to return (or went to the bathroom). I accepted commercials as a portion of the station’s business. God invites me to take commercial breaks from my regularly programmed show and tune in to his view.

I finished my walk with another look at the sky. I recognize I show up for life with a blend of sunrises and dark clouds. One sky. One Creator. One universe.

Thanks for tuning in. Now back to your regularly scheduled program.  

Kindly, Christina

Readers.  Your turn!

How have you learned to approach life?

When you’re irritable, what is a frequent source of your restlessness?

What works best for you to adapt and become strong?

Please leave comments so we can encourage and learn from each other!

In peace, I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, LORD, make me dwell in safety (Ps. 4:8)

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