When I sort my closet, to keep my possessions to a minimum, I use a buy one, get rid of one item approach. I have a turquoise and brown dress that I bought on clearance at JC Penney over a decade ago.

barefoot basket blooming blossoming
Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

This past year, I have considered trading this clearance dress for a newer one. I wear it “one more time” with the intent to wash it and donate it afterwards. Sure enough, the day I wear it, several people will say, “I love your dress!” Comically, that dress has become a discussion starter.

This morning, clothed in my JC Penney “one more time” dress, I walked past a neighborhood gardener. She looked up from her flower bed and exclaimed, “Your dress print makes me happy. I needed to see that today!” I don’t know what kind of day she was having or how the dress’s design made her smile, but I know her kind words hemmed an uplifting pattern into my day.

When I wear that dress “one last time” I’m not sure if it’s still in style. However, that gardener’s response reminded me that no matter what is considered fashionable by the world’s standards, smiles never go out of style.

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