Those on the rocky ground are the ones who receive the word with joy when they hear it, but they have no root. They believe for a while, but in the tie of testing, they fall away (Luke 8:13 NIV).

Cringe factor? High!

I spent this summer on a mission field to minister to oppressed and dejected people. My primary assignment for my weary sojourners was to plant smile seeds and encourage spiritual sunshine. I discovered a pocket of hopeless and homeless people within two hours of my hometown.

After three months on the mission field, I needed an immediate income to refuel my reserves. The job needed to be something temporary and easily trainable while I restarted my professional speaking and life coaching businesses.

Before I left this summer deployment, people told me, “Christina, every business is hiring. You’ll get a job overnight.” I hadn’t anticipated intense resistance with the job market.

I applied for entry-level jobs but got turned down because businesses said I was overqualified and would become bored.  I discovered meager pay for labor-intensive positions. Some jobs weren’t part of my skill set and some roles would have held my interest for less than 18 seconds.

Prior career success led me to believe that I’d readily generate assignments through my “now accepting professional speaking engagements and new life coaching clients” offer. While I waited for those business invitations to gain traction, I submitted 20+ applications in surrounding towns and various businesses.

After a week, nothing. 10 days passed. Not even a phone call. Was I being too picky? Too impatient?

Rent was due and I was shocked at how quickly hopeless desperation lodged itself into my spirit. Dire circumstances gave me a snapshot of what I saw on the mission field. Weary. Jaded. Doubtful. My mental distraction led to heart deception which led to spirit destruction.

My faith needed reinforcement. In a panic, I grabbed my Bible and read the first page that opened. I found Luke 8:13. “Those on the rocky ground are the ones who receive the word with joy when they hear it, but they have no root. They believe for a while, but in the time of testing they fall away.” Bingo!

In survival mode, I realized I was feverishly scattering seeds rather than planting them. I needed to respect their grounding time while I anticipated a harvest. The root produces fruit. I allowed fear of monetary grounding to wash away my gratitude and peace. I tried picking fruit while it was in the flowering stages.

Finally, I dug deep and volunteered with local organizations until God provided a temporary job with a steady income. He came through the day before rent was due.

Lord, help me wait for Your fruit when the flowers are blooming. Remind me that without root, there can be no fruit.



Back story: A factory job came through. Quickly, both employer and employee discovered I had no reason to be in that mismatched role. However, God provided that temporary incubator to allow me to recover in His Intensive Care Unit. I have returned to healthy wholeness and am available to speak at conferences and accept life-coaching clients.

I tailor messages to support the conference theme and client needs. Each talk provides practical next steps to encourage free spirit living with lighthearted humor. My life coaching business specializes in grief support. We all grieve the loss of something or someone. Sometimes loss includes a job, health, money, routine, habit, or pet. I respect each person’s experience on this earthly mission field.

You may contact me through my website HERE.

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