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The following story is being considered for Tadpoles, a book in the FROG blog series. I will edit this and other projects during my July 21-25th solo/silent writing retreat. Today, I share the best version of what I have right now. 

In 300 words or less from a Tadpoles Lily Pad…

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I teach seminars about mindfulness. When I need to get a group to become silent, I lightly clink a glass.

One of my mindful exercises invites participants to close their eyes and identify an object that matches a sound. Even with their eyes closed, I watch facial expressions associate the chiming sound with my “call to attention glass.”

I ask them to close their eyes again. This time I tap a glass fishbowl filled with rocks and plastic frogs. Again, their expressions presume that they identify the previous glass with the clinking.

With their eyes still closed, I ask them to describe the object’s color, value, purpose, and age.  Frequently, students describe the “call to attention” glass. After collecting guesses, participants open their eyes to see the fishbowl. (Some want to know why there’s plastic frogs instead of fish in the bowl).

In less than 15 minutes into our workshop, guests have come to associate that clinking glass with a call to alertness. Here’s when I encourage a lesson about sound mindfulness.

I hear about somebody. I see someone. I listen and watch.  I don’t know their history or present circumstances, yet I draw my conclusions.  Sometimes it’s favorable opinions. Other times, it’s harsh assumptions. Only God understands past and future, with every detail in between.

He knows my thoughts, dreams, what I fear, and where I’m most comfortable. I relate to those rubber frogs in a fishbowl. The earth temporarily houses me to serve God’s purpose, but I’m created to leap and swim toward eternal freedom.

God uses His voice to design creations of love. He takes my past worst and blends His potential worth to craft someone the world may not imagine.

Creator, please tune my witness to be associated with kindness, the object of Your affection.



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