Go to the Throne before I go to the phone. I frequently remind myself that I am to call out to God before I phone a friend.

Sometimes, I’ve had powerful quiet times when immediately I’ve wanted to share that enlightenment with a friend. I’ve blurted out copious amounts of supernatural revelation only to be met with silence or misunderstanding. Other times, the unsuspecting recipient of my call is unable to grasp the intensity of my deluge.  

I claim Jesus as being my number one friend, but sometimes I overlook the opportunity to thank Him with the passion from which I shower on another person. Sometimes when I’m bombarded with devastating news, in the flurry of what seems unbearable, I rush to ask someone to pray or listen to me. Jesus is already there. He’s perpetually present.

I trust 911 to be my first responders but how often do I reach to God as if He’s my last responder? God needs to be on my speed dial. He doesn’t even need a dispatcher or emergency vehicle to get to me because He’s always on the scene of my day.

How would I respond if I added God as the #1 emergency contact list on my phone? I’m grateful for my microscopic group of friends who extend their wisdom and support. I appreciate professional assistance in emergencies. I’m most thankful to God who responds with a 100% guarantee for my eternal life.

Reaching for God’s hand as I leap heart first from the lily pad,


“From the ends of the earth I call to You when my heart is faint;

Lead me to the rock that is higher than I” (Ps. 61:2).

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