Grief Support Coaching

Restoring Peace One Gentle Conversation at a Time

“I help disheartened people pursue courage to create their next move”

~Christina M. Eder

What Can I Help You With?


Sharing life adventures in a manner that guides the reader to better self-knowledge. “Who am I? How can we show up as the best edition of ourselves? These are penetrating questions she writes and speaks about.


It’s important to find someone to wisely guide and respect your pace for life’s training ground. My primary mission is to listen while you talk about what you need and want for now.


Christina fills our world with a creative assortment of almost 40 years of work history, 30 years of marriage and parenting, and 10 years of grand-parenting.

Heart Hugs

“Every session helped me with clarity and kept me motivated and organized. Thank you for being patient, handling business professionally, and with a big heart. Great listener, great cheerleader, genuine care.”
Mirielle, Des Plaines, IL

“Christina is a friendly helping voice of reinforcement to what your goals are and could be. Her support has helped me focus and remain diligent. She helped me see how flexible one’s path can be within a set of goals.”
David S., Owensboro, KY

“I truly appreciated her attention and consistency of communication. She was dependable and I trusted her completely. I always felt I had her undivided attention. She was invaluable in helping me focus and stay on task!”
Iris, Goshen, IN

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