Happy Views Day! Healthy New Year!

I’ve posted an Act of Courage every Tuesday since August 2021. It’s my one-year online accountability format to invite readers to know about me.

This Year of Courage project evolved after a friend said I don’t allow people to know more about me than where I walked that day. She was semi-joking, lovingly honest.

I’m reading Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnauch. From her December 28th reflection: The Courage to Create the World You Want. “…those small but indelible moments of private courage will burst through. We become authentic the same way we become courageous. By doing it. Not by thinking about it.”

So here goes…my next weekly reveal that covers my top priority for my business:

Biggest change for 2022: Having a producer create 3-minute clips on a You Tube channel (extremely bold act because I’m not a fan of video and need much technological assistance!)

To be continued with bravery,


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  1. Stepping out in faith takes great courage and fortitude. I applaud your courage, my soul sister!

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