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This week is the halfway point in my Year of Courageous Acts. Since August 1, 2021, I’ve posted an inside look into my professional and personal life. These reveals are unnatural for me, but I press on.

#26 of 52:

Third biggest business change for 2022: After 3 ½ years and 6 published books, I’ll resume speaking engagements.

Instead of speaking for large venues, as I had done before 2018, I’ll be available to lead workshops/teach for 12-50 person conferences, holistic/spirit care centers, annual and one-time events.

I’ll also accept new life coaching/writing tutor clients. My updated website will reflect these changes in May/June.

Reader! What about you? What is your biggest change to implement in 2022?

Leaping with a new lease on life,


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