“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things” (Mt. 6:34).

Tomorrow will worry about its own things. Ah, tongue in cheek reassurance. Matthew’s gospel teaches that each day assures job security on the worry line. Today’s storms are not to steal tomorrow’s thunder. I understand how I’m not to borrow tomorrow’s troubles. What about when thoughts bypass borrowing upcoming quandaries and I head straight toward stealing future concerns?

My study bible notes that worry represents division and distraction. Worry and faith cannot simultaneously exist. I’ve been practicing more single-hearted thinking so I can increase whole-hearted living by starting my morning walks whispering, “Think slow.” In the hushed darkness, I repeat those two words slowly until eventually that whispered repetition calms me.

As I walk, when my thoughts accelerate and tangent, I choose one piece of inner dialogue and whisper it. For example, if marriage, work, or parenting concerns overpower a peaceful state, I whisper, “Work project. Think Slow.” I find it cathartic to quietly expose the wayward thought so I can declutter my mind.

With consistent effort, I’ve gradually learned to convert my thinking into praying. If I’m talking, I might as well be talking to God rather than allow my thoughts to bounce around in my head. God can take my chatter and train me to change slippery worry into grounded action. I’m learning that if a thought is big enough to worry about, it’s big enough to pray about. Just as I monitor my walking pace to avoid injury, I’m adjusting my thinking pace to decrease inner jarring.

Matthew 6:34 teaches that tomorrow will have its own concerns. God will have new assignments every day and instructs me to “be anxious for nothing” (Phil. 4:6). Nothing means nothing. I have the freedom to choose worthy over worry. That decision depends on how strongly I seek peace. I am invited to live care free, full of His care.

Jesus, thank You for speaking to me in whispers. Guide me toward single-hearted thinking today so I can concentrate on whole-hearted living tomorrow. Align my needs with Your wants. You provide peace and clarity when I think slow (er). Help my thoughts follow Your worry-free instructions.

Whispering praises of new understanding from a thoughtful lily pad, Christina

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