A friend’s fifth grade son just received news that he is color blind. Rose (name changed) shared the world’s analysis of this less-than-colorful diagnosis. She was struggling with her response to the test results, while the rest of her family handled the news as a different twist in their lives.

Interestingly, her son’s teacher is completely color blind. Rose seeks hope in embracing the organic alignment and appreciates how this vision test wouldn’t have been on their radar if Jacob’s (name changed) teacher hadn’t shared his story.

I wanted to support Rose in some way without sending a message that her son’s diagnosis was a weakness. I handwrite cards, bake, or make tie quilts as my outreach default when someone hits a slippery spot on life’s lily pad. Knowing that her son’s favorite treat is brownies, I decided to bake a pan this weekend.

As I stirred the fudgy concoction, I added crushed Oreos for a little surprise crunch. A lot of my kitchen time invites reflective prayer time. I talked to God about Jacob and his family as they navigate life’s effects of color blindness. I investigated the mixing bowl as I watched the chocolate batter blend with the Oreos. I saw black and white.

To my eyes, there were “only” two colors, but lack of color options didn’t detract from the soon-to-be sweetness. The batter would need to endure the oven process to achieve delicious end results. The only way to transform that runny batter into formed gooeyness was through heat. Rose’s family will be challenged with this new color wheel, yet they face the fire together. Individual ingredients, one colorful blend to unite in faith together.

A prism of light lifted my heart. Through the grateful tears of God’s reassuring presence for this family, He showed me that despite muted human perspective, He is every vibrant color. He paints from His full palette to add fresh color to our heart’s canvas if we open the windows to invite His light on our soul.

Cookies and cream brownies. Baby zebras. Flower, the skunk from Bambi. God’s truth. Some of the best things in life are black and white.

Seeing colorful reflections from the Creator’s pond, Christina

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