I scheduled this week’s FROG Blog to post while I’m away on a solo silent retreat. When I planned this trip months ago, I hadn’t expected that my latest book, Unthawed: Lessons from a Frozen Lily Pad would release last Friday (July 17th on Amazon and Barnes and Noble).

In author world, this “should” be the week to promote this new release. However, I chose a retreat cottage that does not have internet or solid phone reception.

As a form of accountability that I’m stepping out in trust, I will use this week to believe that my pre-publishing market seeds will produce fruit while I’m gone. (Truthfully, I’m waiting for my heart and mind to catch up with that bold proclamation of faith)!


This week while I write, edit, assess, and reflect, I’m grateful for an abundance of gifts. A friend gifted me with this FROG print mask. He used material from his mom’s fabric supply to ask a local seamstress to sew a specially designed mask that fits my face. I’m grateful to all people who support me on these adventures from the lily pad of life.

Leaping gently from a quiet FROG Blog,




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