Knee Deep: A 9-Month Whirlpool of Handwritten Letters to the Creator (Frog Blog)

I’m in the Midwest this summer on a mission trip and book promo tour. I’m promoting my latest release, “Knee Deep: A 9-Month Whirlpool of Handwritten Letters to the Creator” and three previous books (titles listed HERE). Tadpoles and Poetry Pod from the FROG Blog series are slated to publish this year.

Unthawed: Lessons from a Frozen Lily Pad (F.R.O.G. Blog)

My book Unthawed includes 12 writers, mostly from the Midwest, so I’ve gotten to visit several of them. Conversations have involved professionals and entrepreneurs and I frequently hear their need for a writer or proofreader.

Business professionals say they want a pay-per-job assistant because they have limited budgets or lack consistent work to afford a regular employee. They want personalized content but dread the writing portion, so their projects have been delayed or stopped.

During this trip, I’ve also heard how my handwritten cards and notes have impacted people. Some memories came from messages I wrote years ago. With these observations, I’ve decided to expand my writing studio to invite clients who need one-time or short term written assignments.

Beginning August 1st, I’ll offer to write 100-700-word pieces or one-time small jobs. I’m using my personal network for referrals for people who want blogs, creative product descriptions, email responses, etc. Based on project response, I’m willing to expand my writing territory accordingly.  

Some recent fun job offers include being hired to hand address 200 envelopes for a business owner’s marketing campaign. Another client has asked me to handwrite wedding gift thank you notes. Who would have thought that years of practicing cursive writing would pay off? Literally.

I leap into new waters and ask you to jump on the dreams and missions you are created for!


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