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Thank you to Disha Sheta for providing this colorful photo that reminds me to look up!

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Each morning, I walk to the mailbox between 7:30-8:00 because that’s when many neighbors start their work and school days. As they drive past me, I make a point of sending them off with a quick smile, wave, or say “Happy Tuesday” (or whatever day it is).

This morning as I went out our front door for my mailbox walk, a torrential downpour began. I was tempted to wait until the rain let up, but instead felt nudged to move forward. I figured people may appreciate a smile even more to start a rainy day.

I choose brightly colored clothes to wear on cloudy days, especially Mondays, which often get a harsh rap. Today, dressed in a vibrant pink blouse, I grabbed my umbrella and headed to the mailbox.

On my route, I greeted one of my neighbors who was wearing a canary yellow blouse. Before she got into her car, she said, “Between your pink blouse and my yellow one, it looks like we have the same idea to use color to show positive thinking on this rainy day!”

As I walked back home, I realized that if I had stayed inside until the storm had passed, I would have missed our neighborly ray of sunshine.

Puddle jumping into the day under an umbrella of encouragement,


Now go out and encourage your men (2 Samuel 19:7).

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