I’ve incorporated “YET”, my 2023 word of the year, to teach my spring and summer series workshop: Now What? Now What!

Short Summary of “Now What? Now What!”: “I am here. I expected, hoped, wished, and planned to be there. Now What? How do I handle this canyon between my present situation and my future goals? What do I do with the wait between here and there?”

“Now What” is personalized to meet your group’s needs. I’ve delivered “Now What” in 1- & 2-hour workshops and ½ day retreats. Based on feedback, co-ed business teams, non-profits, and female groups have learned valuable practical strategies. The material is adapted for anyone between 13 and 93.

I’m open to venue variety to include Morning Coffee and Conversations; Lunch and Learn; Evening (or afternoon) Chocolate Chats. Cost is tailored to respect group needs and budgets.

I’m learning to be open to whatever and however I’m to present this message! Now What? Now What! Belief in our journey, Christina

I AM HERE                              I WANT TO BE THERE


Join Christina M. Eder, author, professional speaker, & humorist for an adventure!  Explore what you can do while you anticipate your next best move!

Message christina m eder at Facebook or www.gueststarcoaching.com for questions or to schedule your event.

Admission charge includes workshop, materials, and snacks

**Please bring exact change or check.

**Credit & debit card options not available for this event

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