This post is dedicated in honor of my Mom, Carol Lynn. November 25th was her birthday.

In their hearts, humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps (Prov. 16:9).

I’ve used my Mom’s chiffon dessert recipe countless times. I add variations using different gelatin flavors and crusts, but the basic recipe remains consistent.

A neighbor was struggling in a relationship and knowing she likes sweets, I bought supplies to bake her a chiffon dessert. I rarely refer to the directions anymore because I’ve made it so often.

Before my workday, I hurried to prepare the first layer. Instead of looking at Mom’s dessert recipe, I followed the directions on the gelatin box. Without a second thought, I put the pan in the frig and set the timer for an hour to make the crust while the filling thickened.

When the timer went off, I opened the frig to find a pan of gelatin soup. It wasn’t the thickened gelatin I was used to. I dug out Mom’s recipe card and realized I had followed the gelatin box directions which called for an extra ¼ cup water plus ½ cup ice cubes.

Due to limited time, I tried fixing my mistake by adding grated zest and lemon cookie crumbles. This created a larger amount of soggy error. I couldn’t rescue the dessert for my friend, so I spooned the salvageable dessert into cups to donate to our youth center’s nightly dinner.

My hasty start ended with extra dirty dishes and another trip to the grocery store for Miss Carol’s sunshine cake. Improper preparation also led to an unplanned delivery to our youth center. I deserted my kitchen and indulged in a feast of lessons.

Multi-tasking can lead to multi-taxing. When I thoughtfully follow God’s loving recipe, I feast on a sweeter slice of life.

Reading God’s step-by-step directions on the lily pad,


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