We’ve had intermittent power outages over the past week for various reasons. During one of these darkened moments, I sat by candlelight to discover a brighter light.

I utilized the lack of lights, heat, machines, etc. to practice my word of the year 2021: abundance. I willed myself to focus on abundant gratitude. I realized that in the “less,” I have more than I acknowledge.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What if today I woke up with only what I said thank you for what I got (or didn’t get) yesterday? I recognized that this power outage happened after I had showered, after I had coffee, after I got ready for work, after the sun had risen. I imagined how my morning would have materialized if the power had gone down before my electric bedside clock alarm had sounded. Instead of abundant grace, I pictured abundant gross! 😉

I chose to use the downtime to write everything that I appreciated. I vowed myself to sit through however long it took to say thank you until the power was restored. Wait! Who said anything about the power returning? Who was I to presume that electricity would be restored? It was another lesson about what I’ve come to expect and rely on.

This is an abbreviated list from that January day’s gratitude:

*candles (more than one)

*blankets (again, more than one)

*clean sweaters

*comfy chair and couch

*washer & dryer (I visualized washing and hanging laundry outside in 20’ weather)

*hot coffee


*wool-blend socks

*soft neck scarf

*flashlight with working batteries

*many windows

Thank you, Jesus for generating your powerful provision!

Much to ponder so I’m signing off with abundant simplicity,


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