Perhaps the best (not easiest) way to follow through on my Zowie adventure is to immediately practice. I handwrite my Creator Chat letters in a journal. This one, for posting purposes, is copied word for word, potentially with errors, but as promised, it is in unedited print. This may (or may not) be part of my future Knee-Deep book.

Readers, thank you for your encouragement and support! Today, I courageously post March 25th’s Creator Chat.

Eyes wide-open, taking big gulps of air as I jump into this life lesson from the lily pad,

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(In this chat, I reference Teagan, Ellie and Candice, two of our granddaughters and our daughter-in-law.)

Deliverer of all mail,

Thank you for the kindness of our postal service! Teagan, Ellie and Candice mailed us a card and used stickers instead of postage stamps on the envelope.

Someone at the post office had simply written “Postage due=.55, these are not postage stamps.” I don’t know who began this path of kindness, or how many people graciously followed it, but You continued their generous trail. That bright blue envelope traveled from Kentucky to Tennessee on a loan.

Opening the mailbox this morning to find a hand-addressed card to Grams and Gramps was already a treasure. This pay-it-forward delivery loan was like receiving an oversized package overnight expressed to my doorstep, a gift of smiles to my heart.

Please rebound each postal worker’s generosity with Your abundance. Thank you for all people who go the extra mile to show kindness every day.

Signed, sealed and delivered with love from your grateful daughter, Christina.

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