Knee Deep: A 9-Month Whirlpool of Letters to the Creator will publish this month!

In the book, I write a disclaimer about these handwritten letters to my Creator being freely written. The words flow without Grammerly focus or edit. Sometimes these letters are a few sentences, sometimes they’re short rambles. All letters are authentic, told “as is’ (without warranty 😉)

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This is an excerpt from what I’ve considered Project Courage:

Sacred Spirit,  

Thank you for discernment periods. I’m at a crossroads and like Henry Thoreau, I’m figuratively going into the woods. I venture out to gather guided wisdom.

After completing three book deadlines in six months, I sense You calling me to a new assignment. I’ll leave my geographical neck of the woods to address other “woulds.” “I would do that when….” or “I would have done that if…” or “I would like to but…”. Grant me tenacity to face who and what has held me back from Your original plan.

I’m anxious about these unknown woods. I anticipate these woods. Please show me what You would like. Prepare me for immediate obedience. Grant me prudence as I make decisions about my next step.

Tightening my laces and pulling myself up by the bootstraps, Love from Your Traveling Daughter

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