From a statistical standpoint, I’ve learned how safety is frequently found in numbers. Those larger numbers could benefit some situations and they provide insurance against certain catastrophes, but are surpluses invested in the best or most necessary things?

I picture Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. The story is crafted around the underdog (or perhaps ‘under deer’). The little no-namer. We recall Rudolph, not a red nosed reindeer, not another red nose reindeer, but the red nosed reindeer. I’m hard pressed to recall the names of the other eight other reindeer, despite their strength in numbers.

Dasher, Dancer and reindeer crew were counted as the studs selected to pull Santa’s sleigh. They represented safety and strength in numbers. They had each other’s tails and antlers. Christmas Eve arrived, and a heavy fog threatened to shut down their overnight delivery service. No amount of brawn could safely carry a sleigh full of presents in the dark fog.

After what I imagine to be a powerful deer showdown for sleigh leader, Santa chose the least likely to be voted into the reindeer Ironman. He handpicked the one who wasn’t allowed to play in any reindeer games. Rudolph was ridiculed for the beacon at the end of his nose. To the world of reindeer, Rudolph’s nose may have been considered a disability. Santa needed the other eight deer as muscle power but carefully selected the reindeer who had a unique gift. Rudolph graduated from taillight to headlight status that Christmas Eve despite being originally uncounted in the numbers. . God seems to do the same thing. From our human perspective, He doesn’t choose who seems to be best suited for a position.

I’m hopping onto Rudolph’s back. I’ll model his example to quietly and gently keep my nose lit. I ask God to use my beacon to cast brightness along the path where deliveries to the heart need to be made.

Seeking to be a strong fawn in His chosen team of Reign-deer!

Leaping from a lighted lily pad, Christina

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