“Talk low, talk slow, and don’t talk much” -John Wayne

With a rise in organic food production and utilizing natural resources, I’m intrigued that our communication processes don’t match this growing trend. I use a flip phone (yes, I’m writing and living this statement in 2018), check email and voice mail twice a day, and text only if it’s one of the pre-programmed “insert quick text” messages in my phone.

I’ve watched so many people allow themselves to be controlled by their phones and computers. These devices are incredibly valuable and link us to opportunities that John Wayne didn’t encounter when he saddled up for his day. I’m concerned that these networks have become technological umbilical cords, possibly cutting off life that needs to be naturally birthed.

We have a family mantra, “If nobody is hurt or killed, the rest of life is simply inconvenient.” Outside of emergencies, I’ve discovered that my slower response time often produces organic solutions. When I’m less wrinkled, options (nearly) seamlessly unfold. The original intensity of a situation may not require permanent press as the steam naturally releases the creases of life.

Some people in my circle question if I’m concerned about missing what may be coming down the pipeline. Creation wasn’t designed to live in the future and I’ve become more intentional about trusting God to carry me one breath at a time. I can’t postdate a breath or breathe ahead of time so like John Wayne’s pointed style, I hoof it one step at a time.

Others choose to gallop their race horses through life. I’ve come to prefer an ambling gait. Faster than a walk, but slower than a gallop.

With wholesome food for thought (ful) paces, Christina

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