I started dabbling in poetry a few weeks ago. In Leo Buscaglia’s book Love, published in 1972, Buscaglia wrote that without close ties with humans, an infant can regress, developmentally lose consciousness, fall into idiocy and die. Well-loved hearts live well.

A child may have a perfect physical environment, superb diet, and hospital-type hygiene but these contributions do not seem to be enough for his physical and mental development. Buscaglia referenced studies conducted by Drs. Fritz Ridel, David Wineman, and Karl Menninger who found that physical need for togetherness and love becomes the major drive of an individual’s life. Lack of love is the major cause of severe neuroses and psychoses in adulthood.

Inspired by Love, I share my fledgling stages of a newly discovered interest. (Ironically, I needed technology and a screen to post my amateur poem).

close up of heart shape

Status: Extinct?

Could our culture self-destruct at this high-speed internet pace?
Plugged in to overloaded devices
Electrocuted by short circuits of attention
We stopped using dial up to hear a voice, a laugh, a cry.
Body language sends busy signals
Disconnected from personal contact.
Wireless connection
Hands-free, hug-free.
Unlimited access to air waves, limited access to hand waves
Let your fingers do the walking, texting someone in the next room.
Social media actions, anti-social consequences?
Well-loved hearts live well.
Will we be screened in and die from loneliness?

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