Tomorrow I begin a new career assignment! I am honored, excited, filled (more like overflowing) with joy. As part of this gratefulness, I’m issuing my own career pink slip. This isn’t a cynical foreshadowing that I’m going to be written up or reprimanded. This pink slip is written with a list of all the reasons and leadings toward why I’m taking this position. While I know this role is divinely appointed, in my humanness, there will be a day, or several days, when tasks show up as anything but divine.

Because I am leaving a nearly two year career desert of restaurant work, my appreciative pink slip includes a work week that coincides with my husband’s job hours. It applauds a steady income. It embraces freedom from Friday nights and serving the stereotypical weekend crowd.  The list gushes with breathtaking beauty of the farm-like surroundings, the small school atmosphere established on values deeply woven into my DNA. There are certain people who are named in this pink slip who will mentor me. There are future friendships to be crafted into this section of my life tapestry.

The “warning notice” to my spirit is literally written on pink paper (with a pink envelope to further seal the deal). I have requested our principal to add it to my personnel file as fire insurance, as a dashboard light indicator. When my flame threatens to be extinguished, this pink slip will fan the fire. When flesh fatigue and career battle wounds show up on my GPS (Gigantic Personal Selfishness), this pink slip will testify as my dashboard warning light. It will serve as a reminder to regularly maintain and service this vehicle of opportunity with new tread and fresh oil.

To bright pink beginnings among the life giving green lily pads of life,


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