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If you have followed the story behind Knee Deep; A 9-month Whirlpool of Handwritten Letters to the Creator, you’ll know this is my most courageous work to publish.

I included a Knee Deep excerpt in May and was somewhat relieved when I found out that instead of the anticipated May release, Knee Deep will be in stores in June or July.

Ironically, I’m leaving for a discernment period when Knee Deep will be published. You can read, in 300 words or less, trip details at ELABORATE OR ELIMINATE – G.U.E.S.T. Star Life Coaching ( I promise I didn’t tamper with the delayed publication date to align with my departure time.

Technology will be limited. Electronic access may or may not be available. I know these factors are part of my journey. The FROG Brand is being tested in new waters. It’s a deeper level of FULLY Relying On God. Whoo FROGgie!

Thank you for your support, patience and encouragement during this excavating and clearing process. I leap in faith, Christina

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