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A Dominican sister friend told me, “We’re all God’s favorites. He isn’t a respecter of people.” Her comment came after I said she is one of my favorite people on earth. She knew I meant this as a compliment yet gently reminded me that God doesn’t have “teacher’s pets.”

Some people are easier to love. Some circumstances are lighter to bear. God calls me to love everyone. Everyone? (Yes, everyone Christina).

Bear one another’s burdens? Yes. Not all burdens. Not all burdens at once and not everyone’s burdens.

When he places someone in my path, He invites me to share in what he shoulders. He instructs me to lift someone up. He doesn’t expect or instruct me to carry a person, but I am to meet them with love.  

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My God doesn’t create favorites. I am told he loves and provides for all his children. He offers guidance but ultimately, he’s the director of this earthly journey. When I follow his guidance and act upon his direction, it’s simpler to love and bear with one another. Not necessarily easier, but simpler.

In Isaiah 24:2, this context refers to God’s plunder of the entire earth. During judgment time, he will show no favoritism. In the same way that he shows universal conviction, he’s universally objective with his grace and mercy.

Practicing love on everyone. Lifting others to join me on this lily pad of life,


“It will be the same

for the priest as for people,

for the master as for his servant,

for the mistress as for her servant,

for seller as for buyer,

for borrower as for lender,

for debtor as for creditor (Is 24:2).

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