I posted a blog in summer about how I spent time during a July thunderstorm that knocked out power for a few hours. Interesting how six months later, on Christmas Eve, we lost power. This time a wind and ice storm overpowered our heat and electricity.

Thankfully, the outage took less than an hour to restore. Today, I post an excerpt from my journal about what I did during this winter shut down. I handwrite my sometimes-raw journal entries from my heart, not from an edited author lens.

This is a cold draft so please read with warmth and kindness.  

My Power Source,

You know how I abhor cold and how it strains my already compromised nervous system. Please restore our power quickly, especially heat.

It’s difficult to be grateful as I shiver, but I know you remind me to be thankful during life’s storms. If I only experienced cold, I wouldn’t know the blessing of warmth.

I’m uncomfortably fighting hypothermia of the heart so instead of full sentences, I’ll bullet point my gratefulness.  Allow these on-the-surface-cheery-sounding thanks to overpower my discomfort.

Thank you:

I had a hot shower before power went off.

It’s morning so I can use window daylight to get ready for work.

I have a job that’s indoors (I hope the company heat is on, especially since it’s Christmas Eve).

I made food last night for the upcoming ten-hour day (I hope the microwave at work has power so I can enjoy a heated veggie omelet and hot tea at break time).

My car started on the first try and is warming up while I write this (despite the 9-degree temps).

I have a new mug and Yogi tea for a hot beverage (please let the work microwave have power)!

The importance of skylights for my Gentle Lamb Sanctuary being built this year for my writing/life coaching businesses.

Utility workers who are outside in these conditions, on Christmas Eve, to restore power. We trust they will gift us with an early Christmas present. Let those colored lights shine!

I have short hair and won’t require a dryer to make myself presentable.

A memory from primitive camping days. Mom taught me how to do hair and facial care from a small mirror propped on a picnic table.

A thick insulated jacket thanks to a purchase from a friend’s gift card.

Gloves, hat and scarf (some people don’t have any of these things, much less all of them like I do).

Lord, that’s all I can write for now because my hands are too cold to hold the pen any longer. I need to get to work so I’ll talk to you more during my commute.

I’m sure there’s more thanks to give you. I’ll think better when I get in the heated car (thank you for a fully insured, working vehicle)!

Shivering, but praising you in all storms,


Readers! Your turn. When have you encountered dark situations and how have you been able to capture the light? What strategies did, or do you use, to combat discomfort?

…let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God…that is, the fruit of lips that acknowledge his name (Heb 13:15 ESV).

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