With one book at the publisher, one book on my editor’s desk, and several publication deadlines laced into the month of Christmas, I needed to ground myself in truth: there’s a time for everything, but not everything all at once.

To every season turn, turn, turn, turn. I took time to create today’s FROG blog from Eccl. 3:1-8. This is my version of an Author’s Living Translation to keep priorities in check.

A time for “In the Beginning,”
A time for “The End;”

A time to query,
A time to publish;

A time to let a storyline die,
A time to resurrect a plotline;

A time for drafting,
A time for editing;

A time to celebrate a contact,
A time to handle a rejection letter;

A time to read tragedy,
A time to read comedy;

A time to buy books,
A time to sell books;

A time for writer’s flow,
A time for writer’s block;

A time for researching,
A time for writing;

A time for creative writing,
A time for technical writing;

A time to read others’ writing,
A time to have my writing read;

A time to interview,
A time to be interviewed;

A time for novels,
A time for magazines;

A time for writer’s conferences,
A time for writer’s retreats;

Readers,  it’s your time!  What proactive strategies do you utilize to best manage your activities without spinning aimlessly around? To every season turn, turn, turn, turn from the FROG blog. 


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