Professionally speaking, zowie isn’t a preferred word to summarize this twist in the FROG Blog book series. However, zowie is the only word I muster to describe a jaw-dropping-I-didn’t-expect-this-“variation”-and-now-how-on-earth-am-I-going-to-modify-my-plans? How-I-can-I-take-this-sharp-fork-in-the-road-and-not-have-it-feel-like-a-knife-in-my-spleen?

I pause long enough to come up for air and breathe, Zowie.

To honor my 500-word limit of each FROG Blog, I’ll divide this unexpected “adventure” into multiple parts. I’ll write each part of the inside scoop until I reach 500 words and simply end with, “To be continued….” (Technically, it’ll be 503 words, or 504, if you count my signature).

I invite you to enter swirling waters with me as I adapt to the current evolution of these FROG Blog books:

green frog on lily pad
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The FROG Blog began in 2017 during a phase when I felt a sense of internal decay. Unexplained restlessness had become a heavy weight. I hit a temporary face-off with anxiety laden paralysis. I needed to move my courage muscles and realized the only way to strengthen muscles was to use them.

I read Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote, “When you look fear in the face, you are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along’. We must do that which we think we cannot.”

Newly inspired, I challenged myself to face summer 2017 with one daily act of courage. At the time, confidence was an act because I certainly wasn’t feeling bold or brave.

girl riding black horse
Photo by Alexander Dummer on Pexels.com

(Spoiler alert: if you saw my courageous act list from that summer, some may consider the activities child’s play. For my then chaotic soul, each valiant practice became an act of heroism).

In a future post, I may invite readers to request my “Summer Life as Eleanor Roosevelt Would Live” list. For now, this first installment of candidness will be down payment.

Originally, I referred to my summer Eleanor Roosevelt Project as “Doing one scary thing every day.” After a few days of calling the act “my scary for the day” I realized I was feeding the beast I was trying to starve. I released that trap by redefining scary to adventure.

One of the results from my Eleanor Roosevelt Adventures was hiring someone to establish a website for the FROG Blog. Thanks to a little gal who told me what her FROG bracelet meant, I learned that it was an acronym for Fully Rely On God. FROG Blog was catchy to me and it served as a reminder of my commitment to my Creator.

The FROG Blog launched from my writing studio and I took a lunge of courage to jump onto an unclaimed lily pad. That summer, it seemed that everywhere I looked, frogs appeared in numerous ways, as if reassuring me that I was on the right track.

I was finishing my book, “Life’s Too Short for Dull Razors, Cheap Pens, and Worn-Out Underwear.” The book was originally written to satisfy a dare from a friend who challenged me to write a book about what I think about while I…

To be continued,

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