Books By Christina M. Eder


Poetry Pod: Water with a Twist of Sublime

Christina admits that Poetry Pod is the book in the FROG series where she’s most inexperienced. Fortunately, her local writing community includes seasoned, published poets. They graciously flavor Christina’s first poetry endeavors with this classic collection of haiku, lyric, narrative, and prose. Poetry Pod promises to indulge even those who claim they don’t care for poetry! Poetry Pod completes the 5-book FROG series.

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Tadpoles: Tiny Tales from Freshwater Adventures

Christina M. Eder swims around her metaphoric lily pad to cast more lines into literary waters. She and 12 teen/tween authors join her to create the fourth book in the FROG Blog series: Tadpoles: Tiny Tales from Freshwater Adventures. In 300 words or less, each candid story invites readers to discover life through curiosity and uncanny (supernatural?) events. Anchors away as we set sail for another excursion! 

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Knee Deep: A 9-Month Whirlpool of

Handwritten Letters to the Creator

Book #3 in the FROG Blog series. As the title suggests, this volume contains the fruits of a nine-month lesson in reliance on the Creator. The book consists of a series of letters, penned in longhand, daily, on a variety of topics laid on the heart of author and blogger Christina M. Eder. As a blogger who understands diminishing attention spans, Christina writes in short segments, to be read as stand-alone pieces or as part of a collection.

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Life’s Too Short for Dull Razors, Cheap Pens, and Worn Out Underwear

Christina’s first book Life’s Too Short for Dull Razors, Cheap Pens, and Worn Out Underwear is her response to a double-dog dare to write a book about what she thinks about while she runs. Written with courage, humor, inspiration, and an unashamed personality, she requested her book’s publishing date to be (appropriately) April 1st. Available on Amazon and Kindle.

The FROG Blog: Learning on a Lily Pad

The FROG Blog: Learning on a Lily Pad is the first of the FROG blog book series. This book includes 77 one-page stories from Christina plus 23 authors’ stories who uniquely
convey their delicate slice-of-life experiences.

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Unthawed: Lessons from a Frozen Lilly Pad

Unthawed: Lessons from a Frozen Lily Pad is the latest release in the FROG Blog series. It is a book of stand-alone chapters that include courageously unique perspectives about personal experiences in 500 words or less. Full of honesty, variety, and adventure!
12 authors join me on this lily pad of life lessons and blessin’s to share their (sometimes raw) insights from what they’ve gained through “creative adaptation.” We openly (sometimes painfully), tell how we’ve been invited to change course and recover from our original expectations. Available on Amazon, Kindle, and through Barnes and Noble