Meet the Coach

How did I get here?
The nutshell version originates after speaking at a women’s conference about dreams and goals. A participant approached me after the conference to ask if I had ever considered becoming a personal life coach. Like many people, I initially thought life coaching was a “watered down psychologist or counselor”. I thanked the participant for her feedback and chose to take this life coaching idea as a compliment, not necessarily another career path.

I continued leading retreats and working full time. A few months later, I was transitioning between our son moving out of the house, moving back in, and then out again, and stumbled (not literally!) across a holistic health article. The article was written by a certified life coach. There was that life coaching thing again.

I took a few weeks to research life coaching and found an abundant pool of educational options. Not all schools were accredited. Not all life coaches were professionally certified. If I was going to invest money, time, and sweat equity into becoming a life coach, I wanted to fully engage in a certification. Fast forward past an intense two-and-a-half years of classes, thesis papers, coaching model development, hundreds of hours coaching others, and being coached, I graduated from International Coaching Academy.

I consider it the greatest honor for someone trusting me with their heart treasures, life’s speed bumps, daily challenges, and celebrations. I have built my business on the highest level of respect for confidentiality and treat someone’s word as true. I look forward to our time together, to gently move from surface level existence toward fresh spirited living.