Are you an author who life coaches or are you a life coach who is an author?

Tom Clark, Passion Spring Media

She paused when a media specialist asked her this. In 2018, when her work began getting published, there was an expectation to create an online presence. Previously, an online presence meant she had a “fish at the end of her hook.” Now, Tom, her mentor, asked her to define her business framework. She discovered these highlights:
● People need to write for an audience of one (hint: the person sitting in their chair).
● Writing and organizing your material is hard. That’s why writing is a craft.
● Street credit, organization skills, draft and revision assistance, editorial skills, and the publication process are needed and cannot be done on a solo basis, whether someone self-publishes or works with a publisher.
● Writers need others who have “been there” to guide them through the process with non-judgmental assistance.
That’s where GUEST Star Coaching and Christina Eder will assist you. Let’s face it, there’s an abundance of material online. Simply put, we offer:
● Idea and workspace organization
● Content writing
● Goal setting and achieving
● Prioritizing what matters to your authentic self.

Who Is Christina?

With that one question from her mentor, Tom, Christina established herself as a Life
Coach and Author. She has written several books and articles with more in the
published works.
Professionally, Christina has a lengthy resume of certifications and degrees. She has
also worked in education, youth ministry, nutrition, corporate training, and various
publications. Personally, her longest list of educational hours come from learning about
“life’s lumps and launches.”
What does Christina do? “She smiles. She encourages. She writes. She believes.”

How Do I Get Started?
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