“I went into the initial session with an open mind.  Knowing little about the life coaching process, I wanted to learn more about the “product.”  Overall, I had a general expectation of gaining some new insight for why I am who I am. Christina greatly exceeded those expectations!  It was so wonderful to have someone who just wanted to listen.  It was also wonderful to have someone who taught me a little bit more about coaching.  I definitely see myself using this again in the future.”   -Jessica, Onalaska, WI

“She is great at listening and then guiding me toward the decisions I want to make without ever forcing them on me or making me feel like those were the only options. She knew what core values I try to live by and helped me come up with options that didn’t infringe upon those. She would challenge me in small ways to follow through with what we talked about. It gave me some accountability with making that change within myself, and I gained a lot from it.” – Amy, Knoxville, TN

“Every session helped me with clarity and kept me motivated and organized. Thank you for being patient, handling business professionally, and with a big heart. Great listener, great cheerleader, genuine care.”  – Mirielle, Des Plaines, IL

“I liked knowing that I had an automatic weekly support system every week. Christina created a very safe, comfortable and inspiring environment and offered a very candid perspective as a coach. She’s authentic, curious, and compassionate. She never pushed me, she simply allowed me to share and express myself.”  – Eli, Whitewater, WI

“I truly appreciate the attention and consistency of our communication. She was dependable and I trusted her completely with all the information I shared. She asked me questions that prompted me to reexamine what I had shared from a different perspective for greater clarity. I always felt I had her undivided attention. She was invaluable in helping me focus and stay on task!”   – Iris, Goshen, IN