Today, on the FROG Blog, I share a record number of responses to my voicemail challenges.

Each week, I change my outgoing message to record something that invites callers to answer a question.

I’ve asked questions like:

“Who has been your favorite teacher and what makes that teacher stand out?”

For Christmas, I asked, “What’s the best gift you’ve given someone?”

I’ve asked callers to define what kindness means to them and give 1-2 examples of how they show kindness.

Most people answer these voicemail questions, some don’t. A few say they call just to hear what question I ask. I love a variety of responses!

Last week, I asked, “What is your favorite childhood book and why does that book stand out?”

So far, that question has gotten the most answers since I began doing voicemail challenges a few months ago.

As you read some of these favorites, I wonder which ones you’ve read. What memories come to you as you recall your favorite childhood book? Maybe this can become a discussion starter among your circle of friends and coworkers.

Here are some caller’s favorite childhood books:

Vintage Childrens Book / Instant Collection Whitman | Etsy | Childrens ...

Dr. Seuss

Humpty Dumpty

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Encyclopedia Brown

The Mrs. Pickle series

The Lost Kitten

Velveteen Rabbit

I Can’t Said the Ant

Winnie the Pooh

Charlotte’s Web

A Mouse in My House

A Monster at the End of this Book

Star Trek

Comic books

Ramona and Beezus

Nancy Drew


The book list goes on, but that gave me a start for fun conversations that followed when I returned the calls.

Who would have thought that one simple question could create ripples of wave-size memories?

This week, I challenge you to thank teachers and people who taught you to read. Show appreciation for authors and illustrators. Thank librarians who help you find that special book.

Last week on the FROG Blog, I shared a story about Mrs. Berger’s kindergarten reading circles. For now, I sign off so I can celebrate another day of literacy. 

Circling around the lily pad of life,


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