Five words that changed my direction. “When you go through deep.” This comes from Isaiah 43:2, “When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.”

When. Not if. Not, in case this happens… When.

You. Whoever reads Isaiah’s promise from God. You are me. You are we.

Go. Motion. Heading into. Go is God’s urge to continue. He cheers us forward.

Through. Don’t stop there. Keep advancing. Move with purpose. Seek direction.

Deep. Soul strength increases from soaking in water that engulfs the body. Death often results from shallow water dives.

Bodies of water can include grief, joy, deep hurt, deep revelation Waves from God’s boundless waters. When we go through deep waters, God reminds us, “I will be with you.” He will be with us. Not He might or if He has time. He will be with you. He’ll be with me.

I may not see Him, I may not feel His presence, but He is my Lifeguard. He waits vigilantly. He is on His Lifeguard Throne, ready to keep me from drowning.

Lord, thank You for Your messages to prepare and repair me through life’s currents. Remind me to thank You with waves of joy. Guide me to seek You through waves of disappointment.

Rolling with God’s tide,


“When you go through deep waters, I will be with you” (Is. 43:2).

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  1. This truly speaks to my heart right now… I have just been writing to someone about this very thing! This verse from Isaiah is such a sacred and timely reminder. Thank you for sharing your heart through this… Jx

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