When face masks became popular, I needed to adjust to socially expected regulations. I recognized I must pay closer attention to details.

There are two grocery store cashiers who’ve become my bi-weekly friends. In the pre-mask era, I could distinguish between these two cashiers and greet each lady by name. With their noses, mouths and chins covered, I needed to look harder to recognize their differences. Part of their unique features was not revealed.

One of these cashiers began wearing a silvery glitter mask. When I commented on it, she proudly claimed to be a girl who loves glitter and shine, so she chose a mask that represented her personality. That identification helped me easily spot her.

I see that employee naturally shining with her upbeat demeanor and contagious laugh. Her inner smile bypasses the physical veil. This interaction made me wonder if I’ve grown accustomed to a masked version of people, including the one I sometimes wear myself. I ask for increased discernment to discover the “real” person behind the mask.

What does someone enjoy? How does somebody handle adversity? Who matters most to someone? What truly counts?

God knows everyone’s heart. He sees through masks. He created who is behind their veil. He covers us with His protective love.

Lord, grant me courage when I’m tempted to mask the goodness You’ve created in me. Grow me so that others will know me by my spiritual fruit. Guide me to be kind and nurturing to all of your creation.

Freely unmasked,


“…deal with everyone according to all they do, since you know their hearts” (1 Kings 8:39).

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