The world was left with a large hole when my mom moved to heaven August 22, 2015.

I refer to someone’s last day on earth as their first heavenly birthday. It’s the day to celebrate their eternal birth. (When I get my heavenly birthday, I hope Jesus and I can enjoy dark chocolate cake with large globs of bakery frosting).

When our family sorted my mom’s material goods, I found a Rubbermaid tote of her writing from the heart. She handwrote her private poetry and typed some on her manual typewriter. I included the following poem Mom wrote about me, plus two of her other poems in my book, Poetry Pod: Water with a Twist of Sublime. Poetry Pod: Water with a Twist of Sublime: Eder, Christina M: 9781734659665: Books

Watching My Christy Grow

By Carol Lynn Mahr

A babe in arms you were

It seems not long ago

I held you close beside me

As I watched my Christy grow

Soon came the walking

Then running to and fro

Hand in hand we went

As I watched my Christy grow

Then off to State Road (school)

You were all “Gun Ho”

So, arm in arm we went

As I watched my Christy grow

Next year was first grade

Pig tails and that new bow

You looked so sweet and cute

As I watched my Christy grow

On through the years

With recitals like a pro

I sat back and cried with pride

As I watched my Christy grow

There were concert and games

And studies that would flow

Report cards never let me down

As I watched my Christy grow

Babysitting, working hard

Just to earn some dough

To help out with many things

As I watched my Christy grow

Soon to Aquinas High

With pride I see you go

All my love goes with you

As I watch my Christy grow

Good luck honey

Give ‘em Heck!

Carol Lynn (Celius) Mahr “wrote” her entire life from high-spirited motion. Every conversation, mission, craft, and prayer became a poetic flow of her generous heart. When she moved to heaven in 2015, I found a handful of poems she wrote on her manual typewriter. Welcome Home and Why I Love My Family were typed on green copier paper. She penciled Watching Christy Grow on a torn-out piece of loose-leaf.

I share these poems as gifts from her spirit.  The world knew her as Carol Celius before she took her married name, Carol Mahr. I know her as Mom. Mom, thank you for watching me grow!

I’ll love you on both sides of heaven, Christy (aka Christina M. Eder)

Reader, your turn!

What have you found from a loved one that means the most to you?

Who was it from?

What makes that most important to you?

Our world needs your kindness. Power our world with your light, Christina

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